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Super Self Academy ONLINE!

Welcome to The Super Self Academy ONLINE! This is the place to be for positivity, inspiration and world class coachi...

£97 to start, and then £27 per month

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Look & Feel Your Absolute BEST in 2018!

SUPER SELF SUMMIT! Look & Feel your BEST in 2018! February 10th & 11th 2018 Basingstoke, Hampshire ...

£175.00 GBP

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30-Day Fitness & Food Control Program!

BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL!  Save £50!! 🔥Welcome to IGNITION!🔥 It's time to fire up your food control and get you motiva...

£78.00 GBP

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TG's Transformation Club - Monthly Membership

Monthly accountability, motivation and education to help you continue on your journey of positive health and happines...

£150.00 GBP every month

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Tommy G's 6-Week Mind & Body Shift

6-Week Mind & Body Transformation Course! its time to change the game! This program works by taking a hands on appr...

£275.00 GBP

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Body Confidence Starts In The Mind

Body Confidence Starts In The Mind Getting in shape can be a confusing and frustrating process! I am here to help y...

£20.00 GBP

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