TG's Transformation Club - Monthly Membership

Monthly accountability, motivation and education to help you continue on your journey of positive health and happiness.

A place for people to regularly check in On their journey.

A place where like-minded REAL people can get together and help each other make positive progress, plus learning from me every single month in over 6 different ways.

This is my elite VIP club! I am excited to invite you to it!

It is only available to people who have GRADUATED from my "6-Week Shift," private coaching or IGNITION course.
There are 2 membership options available to you.

The £32 per month and the £150 per month.

The difference being that with the higher level membership, you become a private e client and you get a PERSONALISED workout plan, food plan and private 1-2-1 coaching calls every month. (1x60 mins and 1x15 mins) to work on YOU more intensively.

If it's for you, and you can justify investing in your positive health and happiness, then let's do this.
I promise to make this a valuable addition to your life yo help you become your SUPER SELF.

Tommy G
Become a monthly member of my Transformation Club and continue your journey of positive health & happiness!
Each month you will benefit from:

- 2x Facebook Live videos: I will present a subject lesson and you will have the chance to ask me questions. All videos to be hosted in our own secret Facebook group only for club members.

- Secret Facebook group for members only

- Access to new Members Only Area for new video lessons

- 1xMeasurement day check ins!: Share your results and stay accountable every month

- 2x Education videos in your members only area dedicated exclusively for TG Transformation Club members!

- 1x Monthly workout challenge! Step up and challenge yourself!

1x special guest interview per month

+ Daily support and motivation from me and the other like minded members!

+ Nutritional inspiration and workout ideas!

+ A yearly get together/Live workshop! - STAY TUNED because this will come the more members we get! :)

What are you waiting for!

Choose your level of membership!

Tommy G

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