The Super Self Summit

The Super Self Summit - November 10/11!

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A special message for anyone wanting to look & feel healthy, happy & confident.
From the host of The Super Self Summit:
Tommy Gentleman

"Thank you for being here.

Let me start by explaining my strongest reason WHY I am putting on this event in November.

We all deserve to feel look and feel good in our own skin.

Unfortunately, achieving this can be difficult, confusing and often frustrating. The worst thing about it is that people genuinely WANT to improve, but often struggle to get results. 

At this event, I bring together some of the BEST professionals, practitioners and experts on all things health and well-being related to help you get it RIGHT and leave as an inspired, motivated and educated version of you."

You'll learn how to do the following:
  • Drop pounds of body fat through safe nutritional guidance and exercise programming.
  • Exercise in a way that produces lean results (with or without equipment)
  • How to get out of a rut, get re-inspired and motivated to achieve high levels of health and happiness. (no matter what life throws at you.)
  • Learn to break habits such as - Emotional eating, binge eating and secret eating.
  • Break away from negative thinking that can lead to depression.
  • Have the courage to re-build after a life changing event.
  • Build better, and more meaningful relationships with those that matter the most.
  • How to look and feel confident and comfortable in your own skin when you look in the mirror.
  • Top mindset tips for high performance.
  • How to bring your energy levels up so that you wake up ready to go in the mornings.
  • PLUS lots more including myth busting and some inside secrets from PROVEN professionals.

"How much potential do we really have?"

Over the 12 years in the health & fitness industry, a stand out lesson I have learned is that...

We all have a great deal of potential. Health and happiness is possible for all of us, no matter what challenges we face in our lives.
People genuinely WANT to look and feel their best, it is just hard sometimes.
There is so much misleading, confusing and sometimes just plain shocking advice out there, and this really makes getting true results seem like a fantasy...
Here's the truth...
You CAN have the body you want. It IS possible. You just have to get it right - Physically, Mentally and Emotionally.
You will learn how at The Super Self Summit.
I have made it my mission to bring together a World-Class event to help inspire, motivate and educate people on THE RIGHT way to get REAL results.

- No Fads, No Gimmicks! (and not even Diets!)

"You will leave with a detailed plan of action and as an inspired, motivated and upgraded version of you - YOUR SUPER SELF!"

Here are a few key reasons why this event will not be like anything you've EVER experienced before:

1. It's not just about exercise and nutrition

Yes we will cover the basics, the essentials and a few cheeky hacks, but the real change comes when you make the mindset shift towards a more motivated, positive and educated approach to your health and happiness. That is where the sweet spot for transformation is, and this event will help you discover that shift.

2. There's nothing fad-like, gimmicky or fake (and not a magic pill or 'drastic diet' in sight!)

There are far too many bulls**t methods and misleading concepts out there. My aim is to help you wade through the waste, cut the crap and get down to what really does work. There are no magic pills or potions, just the right actions and some self belief!

3. I walk the walk! (and so do my TEAM & the Speakers!)

My health & happiness is my life. It's my passion, my business, my legacy and my purpose. I dedicate hours to learning, testing and applying different ways to live as my SUPER SELF. I won't ever teach you anything that I haven't done myself.

I know what it feels like to be at the lowest of lows, and how to create the changes that result in the highest of highs!

The speaker line up is always high quality. Past speakers include Calum Best, Ben Coomber, Mel Wells and Jordan Wylie.

4. This event encompasses the bigger picture!

We have 2 days of content loaded around health & happiness. Nutrition, exercise, mindset, motivation, positivity, self confidence and self belief... We also have the opportunity to take part in some world class workouts! So that you have the full experience and leave completely MOTIVATED, INSPIRED and EDUCATED on how to look and feel your absolute BEST!

5. This is the FASTEST GROWING personal development event in the UK  - There's nothing else like it!)

The Super Self Summit creates a unique atmosphere that can literally forge positive change, and sometimes that is what is required. Immerse yourself in positivity and learning and surround yourself with like-minded people at an event you will never forget!

Meet The Speakers!

All of the below will be speaking at the event.

Rhiannon Lambert

Harley Street Nutritionist, Best selling Author of the book "Re-Nourish" Speaker and positive influencer on all things food. Rhiannon specialises in helping people with eating disorders, weight management goals and sports nutrition.


Tommy Gentleman

The Host of The Super Self Summit, "Tommy G" is an award winning Health & Happiness Coach, Speaker and Gym Owner.

Tommy works with his clients at an Elite level to help them overcome their challenges, release their potential and achieve game-changing results, Physically, Mentally & Emotionally.

Adam Lewis Walker

International Speaker, Host of the number 1 podcast AWAKEN YOUR ALPHA, Author and 'TED talk' speaker. Adam is flying over from the USA to add his methods and strategies for high performance and success.

Victoria Spence

Flying the flag for fitness, self-love and healthy balanced living, Victoria is one of the "GirlGains" founders, a movement that inspires thousands of Women to embrace exercise, nutrition and body confidence.

Jean-Pierre De Villiers

JP is an international speaker, coach and author who speaks all over the world and has shared the stage with the likes of Jay Shetty and Prince EA. He brings a contagious energy and some cutting edge mindset strategies.

James Harrison

After he was diagnosed with Viral Encephalitis, James changed his career path from lawyer to Chiropractor after seeing the benefits of chiropractic treatment as part of his care. He states that his experience became much more than just a method of treating pain, but a way of gradually fitting back the pieces of the puzzle after not having been as healthy as he could have been.

Shari D Teigman

Shari is a international speaker and coach who helps people to live a "maverick" life. She will be sharing her top tips and proven strategies for overcoming the challenges that stop us from getting results.


Kelly Pretty

Kelly Pretty is an international love coach, helping women around the world to manifest their dream relationship. She now teaches others to attract deep & meaningful love. Kelly speaks on some of Europe's largest personal development stages and is currently an online love expert for the UK’s leading wellness magazine.

Gareth Riddy

Author of "How to undo the sh!t the modern world does to us" Gareth Riddy is a one to one coach, whose offering is very different from the classic personal trainer. Gareth’s practice is aimed at function, to get people pain free and moving better. His skillset is unique to the UK, and he's one of the few coaches providing his combination of services worldwide.

Jo & Maz from Just BE.

Jo and her partner Maz are both trained as Master NLP and Time Line Therapy Practitioners who work with their clients to help them with their mindset and in overcoming both mental and emotional obstacles to increase confidence and purpose. They regularly speak at events and work with groups of people up and down the country.


What's it look like?

Click to play video and see what went on at the last event!


Ticket Options!

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(RRP £299)

- General Admission Seating on both days

- Teas, Coffees & Water provided

- Bring your own food

- Invitation to the "Smoothie Party" on Saturday at 5:30pm

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(RRP £399)

- Priority VIP Table seating on both days

- Teas, Coffees & Water provided

- Lunch provided on both days: Hot & Cold buffet

- Access to all seminar sessions

- Recordings of the event made available afterwards

- Invitation to the "Smoothie Party" on Saturday at 5:30pm

- Invitation to either Yoga/ Gym session/Extra Seminar on Saturday at 6:30pm

Get your VIP ticket for £299



(RRP £499)

- Meet & Greet opportunities with the speakers

- Preferred ELITE Table seating on both days

- Teas, Coffees & Water provided

- Lunch provided on both days: Hot & Cold buffet

- Signed copy of a book from every speaker who has one published!

- Protein Snacks provided in intervals on both days

- Recordings of the event made available afterwards

- Invitation to the "Smoothie Party" Saturday at 5:30pm

- Invitation to either Yoga/Gym/Extra seminar session Saturday at 6:30pm

- Invitation to SSS party! 3-Course dinner & drinks Saturday 8:15pm


Get an ELITE ticket for £399!



The only option that guarantees a hotel room and that covers EVERYTHING! (and more!)

- Saturday night accommodation at The Hampshire Court Hotel (twin or double)

- Access to Speaker's zone - Private area with separate refreshments and seating area, as well as somewhere else to go and network in breaks

- Signed copy of a book from every speaker who has one published!

- Signed SPECIAL EDITION copy of Tommy's new book

- Meet & Greet opportunities with the speakers

- Front Row RESERVED A.A.A Table seating on both days

- Teas, Coffees & Water provided

- Lunch provided on both days: Hot & Cold buffet

- Protein Snacks provided in intervals on both days

- Recordings of the event made available afterwards

- Invitation to the "Smoothie Party" Saturday at 5:30pm

- Invitation to either Yoga/Gym/Extra seminar session Saturday at 6:30pm

- Invitation to "Early Morning Power-Up" workout with Tommy G at 6:15am

- Use of the hotels facilities, Gym & Spa

- Invitation to SSS party! 3-Course dinner & drinks Saturday 8:15pm

- Invitation to A.A.A ticket holder's breakfast meeting with Tommy G



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"Super Self Summit is one of the most inspirational events that I have EVER experienced in my life! What happened to me emotionally over that weekend was EPIC & beyond more than what I could ever have envisaged! It changed my life FOREVER!!! It's all about FALLING IN LOVE WITH THE PROCESS! Helping me to marry my heart with my brain, find the spirituality & creative side of me. Tommy is one of the kindest, non judgemental characters with a calming nature. He helps me see the light at the end of a very dark tunnel I've been stuck in for a lonnnngggg time! "

Cheryl S.

"I was asked by several people how the weekend of the supper self summit went. I think that anyone who attended will agree with me when I say that its incredibly difficult to summarise!! The energy/positivity was off the scale! It hit you square in the face when you walked in the room. I came away with a definite shift in mindset. I have clear actions towards my goals, my attitude has completly changed & my mindset is so much more positive which is huge for me. I'm beginning to believe in myself."

Kim W.

"The end of each day finished with such a feeling of emotion and high energy! I wish that every day could be like it! It taught us patience and to communicate with each other more effectively as business partners. "

Matt & James
The Push App Developers

"What an incredible weekend. I am already taking the first steps to make a change. I am no longer "hiding in my room"and I am no longer "secretly terrified" as Tommy says, "who you are in this moment is who you are" and i just wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. For the 1st time in a very long time I am excited about the future & the journey I am on."

Ruth S

Don't just take our word for it!

Hear what some of the people who attended last time had to say!


** **

Event Details:

When -

November 10/11 2018

Times -

Saturday 8:30am - 5:30pm (Workout sessions at 6:15pm)

SSS Party 8:15pm 'Till late Saturday night

Sunday 8:30am - 5:30pm (Workout sessions at 6:15am)

Where -

Hampshire Court Hotel,

Great Binfields Rd,



RG24 8FY



I can’t afford to pay for my ticket right now. Can I pay in instalments?

We don’t have the facility for you to pay by instalments on the main website, but if you click here to send an email, our team will arrange for your ticket to be paid for in 2 equal payments 30 days apart. (ELITE TICKETS ONLY)

Do you have an event schedule? When will the headline speakers be on?

At this stage we don’t have a finalised event schedule with exact times for each speaker. What I can tell you, is that the main headline speakers will be evenly spread throughout the two days, so you’ll want to attend both days in their entirety to see all of them!

Who else is speaking?

We are still in the process of confirming the final two speakers. As soon as contracts are signed, we will let you know who they are. Rest assured, all our speakers will be Exceptional!

Will I be able to speak to the speakers and get a selfie?

We can’t possibly guarantee that every person will have the chance to meet and talk to an individual speaker. There will however be various Q & A sections throughout the weekend, so make sure you come with your question prepared and get to the front of the queue! (Access all areas tickets will have the chance during breaks in the speaker's zone.)

Is the hotel easy to get to?

YES, this hotel is a luxury hotel with great facilities and amazing rooms. It is very easy to get to via Train, Buses and Taxis run from Basingstoke Town Centre, and by car, it's 5 minutes off the M3.

Will there be other speakers?

YES, there will be a handful of speakers over the 2 days to add value and compliment your 2-day experience! They will all be experts in their area of health & happiness.

Can I attend and stay somewhere else?

YES, we get it, you may have a friend who lives nearby or you may want to stay at a different hotel! We have some rooms on standby at the venue, but if that's not for you, that is fine. (Just make sure you get a general or VIP ticket!)

Can I pay for just 1 day?

The ticket is for the 2 day event experience.

Do I have to do the physical workouts if I am a VIP/ELITE/AAA ticket holder?

Workouts are included in your ticket package, but you can sit out if you like! (Although, we encourage EVERYONE to give it a go! Age, experience, fitness level and injuries are all taken flexibly and we will do the best we can to accommodate everyone. Our team are very experienced at this.

Can I bring my own food?

YES, you can but your ticket price does include your lunch.

Are there shops nearby?

YES, the hotel is right by a small shopping centre including a supermarket.

What should I wear?

Wear what you feel comfortable in. VIP & ELITE ticket holders, you will need a gym clothes and a towel for a shower after the workouts. AAA ticket holders you can use your hotel rooms shower.

For the seminar sessions - wear what is comfortable for you (Smart Casual)


Prices will be going up


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