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JUNE 22/23!

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"Super Self Summit is one of the most inspirational events that I have EVER experienced in my life! What happened to me emotionally over that weekend was EPIC & beyond more than what I could ever have envisaged! It changed my life FOREVER!!! It's all about FALLING IN LOVE WITH THE PROCESS! Helping me to marry my heart with my brain, find the spirituality & creative side of me. Tommy is one of the kindest, non judgemental characters with a calming nature. He helps me see the light at the end of a very dark tunnel I've been stuck in for a lonnnngggg time! "

Cheryl S.

"I was asked by several people how the weekend of the supper self summit went. I think that anyone who attended will agree with me when I say that its incredibly difficult to summarise!! The energy/positivity was off the scale! It hit you square in the face when you walked in the room. I came away with a definite shift in mindset. I have clear actions towards my goals, my attitude has completly changed & my mindset is so much more positive which is huge for me. I'm beginning to believe in myself."

Kim W.

"The end of each day finished with such a feeling of emotion and high energy! I wish that every day could be like it! It taught us patience and to communicate with each other more effectively as business partners. "

Matt & James
The Push App Developers

"What an incredible weekend. I am already taking the first steps to make a change. I am no longer "hiding in my room"and I am no longer "secretly terrified" as Tommy says, "who you are in this moment is who you are" and i just wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. For the 1st time in a very long time I am excited about the future & the journey I am on."

Ruth S

New Venue For 2019!

The Stunning Norton Park Hotel in Winchester!


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